Before contacting us, please go through our Frequently Asked Questions Section first


  • What video codecs do I need to view the videos ?
    The basic codecs you will need installed before you can play the videos are the DivX and XviD codecs. For computers running on the Windows platform, we recommend that you download and install the KLite Video Pack (Standard or Full Version) which will make your Windows Media Player DivX and XviD compatible. You can also installed the Media Classic Player from the codec pack, For Macs, you can download the codecs directly at Divx.com or at Xvidmovies.com

    An alternative to downloading and installing the codecs is to simply install the VLC media player, a great media player which supports many different operating systems including Linux, Windows and Mac.

  • What videos codecs required?
    The minimum basic codec requirements are DivX and XviD.

  • I have lost/forgot my username and password, how can I retrieve it?
    Please visit the following link to retrieve the information: https://secure.verotel.com/cgi-bin/enduser_info_mail.pl

  • How do I cancel my membership?
    You can cancel your membership anytime at http://cancel.verotel.com

  • Will I still be able to access the member's section if I cancelled my membership early?
    You will be able to access the subscription until the expiration date of your membership.

  • My download manager does'nt work on your site.
    Some download managers are not accepted and are banned at this site. Please do not use Flashget, NetAnz, and most chinese download managers.

  • What download managers are recommended?
    We recommend Free Download Manager or GetRight. Both are free download managers.

  • Are download bots allowed at this site?
    We strictly prohibit the use of download bots to rip out the site. Memberships will be terminated immediately without a refund.

  • Can I share my account with my friends?
    All subscriptions are not transferable and will be terminated without a refund if we detect multiple connections.

  • Why are all of the videos censored?
    Japanese law prohibits the showing of genitalia. Most large Japanese AV production companies abide by this law or risk being closed down by the Japanese Censorship Office. For super popular AV actresses, you will probably never find any of their uncensored videos until either they have retired or decided to film outside of Japan (these videos will never be released in Japan).

  • Are there any uncensored Kaede Matsushima videos?
    There are none on the market.

  • Downloads are very slow on my dialup modem, what should I do?
    It's time for you to catch up to the rest of the world! Dialup is so 1990s technology.

  • What is the resolution of the videos?
    The general size of the videos are 640 x 480.

  • Why are the video file sizes so large?
    Most videos are between 600 megabytes to 1.5 gigabytes as these are high resolution videos.

  • Are there any Digital Rights Management (DRM) on the videos?
    Our videos are not protected with DRM and you will be able to playback the videos anytime after your susbscription is over.

  • How can I speedup my downloads for videos?
    If your find that you are downloading to slowly, you can try using a download manager with multi threading/acceleration turned on. We recommend the multi-threading value set between 2-4 connections per file download.

  • How to reach our support department?
    Our support department can be reached at support at avkaedematsushima.com most questions will be answered within 24 hours.